Unveiling the World’s Largest Monopoly Board in Macomb, Illinois

May 9th’s Macombopoly Debut Honored Magie’s 158th Birthday: Fostering Creativity and Community as Macomb’s Newest Iconic Legacy

MACOMB , ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On May 9th, to honor what would have been Lizzie Magie‘s 158th birthday, her birthplace, Macomb, Illinois, unveiled a remarkable sight that resonated far beyond its borders. The world’s largest Monopoly board, Macombopoly, was more than just an event; it stood as a testament to the enduring spirit of ingenuity and unity cherished in the heart of Macomb.

At the core of Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia—Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau—lies a dedication to spotlighting local luminaries like Lizzie Magie, the brilliant mind behind the renowned Monopoly game. Crafted at the historic downtown square and spanning a staggering one million square feet, the Monopoly board stands as a living tribute to Magie’s lasting impact. This monumental unveiling marked not just a celebration but the genesis of a new chapter in Macomb’s history, where the game’s legacy is now interwoven with the town’s identity indefinitely.

Jock Hedblade, Executive Director of Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia, expressed the profound impact of this milestone, stating, “We embarked on this journey six years ago upon returning to my roots, and today’s culmination is beyond words. While I may be the face of this project, it stands testament to the unwavering support and dedication of an entire community. This isn’t just the world’s largest Monopoly; it is a legacy, a symbol of a small town’s enduring spirit shaped by the remarkable individual whose impact reverberates through history. Our community is a family, embodying core values of respect, honor, and support. It is my utmost privilege to play a role in this, to witness what can be achieved when a town unites in purpose.I am honored to witness the culmination of this collective effort and the birth of a new symbol that will inspire generations to come.”

The esteemed Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Tourism, Daniel Thomas, shared his poignant reflections on the event, stating, “I am honored to have witnessed this tribute to Lizzie. Today was a testament to what a small Illinois town can achieve—a masterpiece and a new attraction for travelers to visit, offering them a glimpse into the essence of community and culture.”

Mayor Mike Inman of Macomb added, “This iconic landmark symbolizes our collective commitment to celebrating our history in a way that resonates with the hearts and minds of all who grace our streets.”

Erin Anderson, Lizzie Magie’s niece, and others involved in the Macombopoly Project Committee celebrated the event as a blend of history, community, and family pride. Anderson expressed her emotional connection, saying, “Seeing Lizzie Magie’s legacy reborn in Macomb was truly moving. The mix of family ties, community spirit, and historical importance created a magical moment that will forever resonate within Macomb. This unveiling speaks to the enduring impact of imagination and collaborative efforts.”

Leveraging an innovative interactive app by eATLAS, the Macombopoly unveiling redefined Macomb as a vibrant hub where creativity and collaboration intersect. Drawing visitors into a narrative experience, the monumental board beckons individuals of all ages to engage in a riveting fusion of history and imagination.

As Macomb extends its sincere invitation to all who seek to witness history in the making, the profound significance of this unprecedented unveiling resonates through time. Lizzie Magie’s legacy shines brightly at the heart of Unforgettable Forgottonia, brought to life by the resplendent Macombopoly tribute to a visionary unmatched in history.

Discover the captivating essence of Macomb within Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia, where a world of adventure, culture, and memories awaits. Plan your visit to Macomb, Illinois, through VisitForgottonia.com, and set out on a journey filled with wonder, history, and limitless possibilities.


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