Two-Time Best Selling Author Jessica Dennehy Releases New Book “Selfish is a Superpower”
Two-Time Best Selling Author Jessica Dennehy Releases New Book “Selfish is a Superpower”

Available now at Barnes & Noble

Best-selling author Jessica Dennehy

Best-selling author Jessica Dennehy

Author, journalist & speaker Jessica Dennehy says it's time to get SELFish!

Author, journalist & speaker Jessica Dennehy says it’s time to get SELFish!

New book redefines Selfish as the key to unlocking true happiness and success

By acknowledging my desires and goals without guilt, I unlocked unparalleled power and fueled extraordinary success.”

— Jessica Dennehy, author of “Selfish is a Superpower”

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2023/ — In a world where superpowers are the stuff of comic books and movies, Jessica Dennehy is shaking up traditional beliefs by uncovering a surprising truth: SELFISH is a superpower.

Her newest book, “Selfish is a Superpower,” releases today and takes readers through her journey as a married Wall Street attorney completely consumed with her children, to a powerful force in the business world who now lives life on her own terms, traveling the world and having all sorts of fun along the way.

“Most of us put everyone else’s happiness before our own and little by little the light is drained out of us. We show up to work, in our relationships, and to our children as a less happy version of ourselves, and our children learn that being half-happy is okay,” said Dennehy. “That is not the message I want to send to my girls. I want them to know that the only way to live a life that lights them up is to show up each and every day as the happiest version of ourselves.”

An unconventional perspective, Dennehy encourages others to be courageously selfish, demonstrating that, when used correctly, can be a powerful asset that catapults you to the next level and takes your family with you. “Selfish is a Superpower” teaches how to embrace selfishness and cultivate the confidence needed to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.

“We can strive for greatness and create a harmonious balance with our families and our professions,” said Dennehy. “By acknowledging my desires and goals without guilt, I was able to unlock unparalleled power and fuel extraordinary success. Being selfish makes me the best version of myself for my daughters, my business and the world.”

Dennehy empowers others to embrace the superhero within by providing the inspiration and tactical strategies she used to harness selfishness effectively. Join the movement today and experience the power of selfishness. “Selfish is a Superpower” is available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other retailers.

About Jessica Dennehy

Jessica Dennehy is a two-time best-selling author, journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur known for her inspiring work in helping individuals find success and happiness by putting themselves first. A former Wall Street regulator, Dennehy started her entrepreneurial journey eleven years ago when she quit her job and opened a brand of luxury barbershops called MadMen. Dennehy is author of “Selfish is a Superpower” and “Pivot & Slay: The Ultimate Guide to Mindset.” Connect with Jessica Dennehy at and on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. #SlaytheDay

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