Tinder to find local artists
Tinder to find local artists

Artur.Art is a free website that offers custom art to elevate home decoration in a meaningful way through an authentic connection with the artist.

MONTRéAL – ARR. VILLE-MARIE, QUEBEC, CANADA, September 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Co-create art in a fun way with ARTUR.

Based on the painting they loved the most, discuss with the “top 3” of local artists to make them create a new painting or mural that includes your story.

Why does ARTUR offer custom art?

In a mass-produced art world, finding pieces that truly resonate with them can be challenging. Artur connects them with passionate artists who craft one-of-a-kind works from their ideas and emotions.

● Democratization:

Art has been held hostage like a war chest, its codes of understanding privatized by the financial elites. It’s time to democratize the great artistic movements and choose them.

● Local artists:

Imagine direct dialogue with an artist who understands your vision, co-creating art that speaks to your heart and soul. Artur is more than buying art; it’s collaboration.

● Fun, Fast & A.I. augmented:

The algorithm they built helps them to discover artists that fit their tastes faster than anything else. During the account creation phase, They’ll choose a hat related to their tastes which will help the A. I for showing them the best matches. They can 4 sketches generated by prompt masters to help them define their composition for free.

How does it work?

Step 1: Swipe artwork and click on the heart when they have a crush. Basing their project on the favorite artwork they found, add their colors, ideas, and drams in their project description to make the artist understand what he/she needs to produce.

Step 2: Discover their top artists section, and compare their styles and services. Start a conversation with the artist of their choice.

Choose their reference works and their inspirations to create their custom art piece.

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Step 3: Select the size to get x4 free sketches if they created an account. It comes with a free estimate of their project. Then when they validate the order they can directly discuss it with the artist.

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