South Korea’s Data Platform UwUFUFU Hits Milestone: 1.1 Million Active Monthly Users


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 14, 2023 / — UwUFUFU, a South Korean data platform targeting Gen Z and Millennials, has gained 1.1 million monthly active users (MAU). Each month, users participate in over 2.7 million quizzes. The platform’s 568% year-to-date growth is one of the highest amongst its industry peers.

UwUFUFU‘s presence extends to TikTok, where its augmented reality (AR) effect filters have garnered 550 million views in just the past few months. The accomplishment has underpinned UwUFUFU as a top 1% global effect creator, attesting to the platform’s broad and diverse reach.

Co-founded by Hong Kwon Ahn and Charlie Rhee, the platform’s strategies and offerings have culminated in their approval as recognized data providers on platforms like AWS Data Exchange and Snowflake.

UwUFUFU’s success is evidenced by celebrities such as Giannis Antetekoumpo utilizing its filters on TikTok and prominent Twitch channels incorporating its quizzes into their content. This organic adoption has contributed to its growing user base, impacting the younger generation.

UwUFUFU attributes its exceptional success to a robust community of quiz creators and distributors. This community plays a key role in generating and disseminating content across social media platforms, Discord and Reddit. Users, driven by their enthusiasm for the platform, create and share these quizzes among their friends, contributing to the organic growth of UwUFUFU.

The interactive quizzes offered by the platform have gained traction through the organic sharing of user-generated content. These quizzes are widely distributed among friends on social media platforms and find homes within online communities on Discord and Reddit.

Furthermore, UwUFUFU’s journey includes the recognition and participation of top Twitch streamers like xQc, whose regular incorporation of UwUFUFU quizzes into his content has made them some of the most-watched segments of his streams.

A recent highlight saw xQc engaging in a quiz session with his father, which boosted his viewership and garnered a surge in followers and chat engagement. This success story has not gone unnoticed, and various other Twitch streamers have taken note, integrating UwUFUFU quizzes into their broadcasts.

Beyond entertaining and engaging users, UwUFUFU offers a variety of quiz types, with the Ideal Type World Cup quizzes ranking among the most popular. These quizzes allow users to create content based on various topics, further contributing to the platform’s dynamic and interactive community.

Notably, UwUFUFU also plays a key role in the data landscape by collecting over 1 billion preference data points, addressing the challenges of gathering user data in an increasingly cookieless digital world.

The diversity in quiz types offered by UwUFUFU is one of the cornerstones of its appeal, with the Ideal Type World Cup quizzes emerging as the most popular choice among users. Like bracket tournaments in the United States, the quizzes allow users to craft quizzes centered around various topics.

From determining the favorite movie or the ultimate hip-hop song from the ’90s to picking the top video game of all time, players engage in bracket-style elimination tournaments until a single choice emerges as the champion. Furthermore, UwUFUFU expands its quiz formats, including the Balance Game, MBTI personality quizzes, and Music Games.

Through user-led activities and engagements, UwUFUFU has accumulated a repository of over 1 billion preference data points. Charlie Rhee, Co-founder and CEO of UwUFUFU, highlights that this collection centers on preferences and cohort associations, contributing to psychographic correlation data. This data supports personalized consumer recommendations and provides invaluable insights for various industries.

“UwUFUFU data is collected anonymously, as we focus on preferences and associations of the cohorts. Demographic-based segments are far too broad to be used effectively for targeted advertising and to provide personalized content and services.” Rhee stated.

Charlie Rhee underlines the breadth of UwUFUFU’s quiz content, which spans various topics and categories. In the age of personalized content, the wealth of psychographic correlation data amassed by UwUFUFU holds the potential to empower personalized consumer recommendations and furnish valuable insights for a diverse range of professionals, including market researchers, marketers, journalists, financial analysts, studios, and platforms.

“Our bounce rate, average session times, and pages per session are much stronger and stickier than other consumer services that rely on ad publishing as their main business model, but we did not want to just adopt this one-dimensional business model. The value of the data has helped us become approved as data providers on AWS data exchange and Snowflake as we prepare to package our data for sale.” Rhee further added.

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