Simple, Actionable Lessons in Dr. Catherine Braswell’s “52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles”


According to Dr. Catherine Braswell, bridging the gap between understanding the Bible and actively living its teachings has been a struggle for many Christians in recent years. This inspires her to write 52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles, offering a year-long guide to applying biblical knowledge in the Christian way of living. Her book is published under PageTurner Press and Media.

Dr. Braswell, a full-time pastor, founder, president, and CEO of The Hand of God School of Biblical Studies, asserts that reading and studying the Bible are Christians’ essential responsibilities. But the key to transformation lies in applying biblical principles to their daily life. Her book serves as a tool that guides them in the right direction and fulfills their transformative journey.

Written in digestible bite-sized chunks, the book goes beyond mere Scripture. It provides practical applications, reminders, and notes for each week where readers can write and reflect. This makes the process achievable and sustainable.

52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles offers a clear path for Christians to internalize God’s principles, translate faith into action, and embrace daily victories, big and small. It’s an invitation to those who yearn to embody their faith, not just learn or study it.

In a review on Reader’s Favorite, Courtnee Turner Hoyle has nothing but good words. She says that the “book is a powerful tool to help readers continue a loving, open relationship with God, and its exercises are valid for much longer than a year of study. I recommend the book to readers of the Christian faith who want to build a deeper connection with God by applying the words of His scripture to daily life.”

Also, in a comment, Joe Wisinski agrees. “The author knows how to keep her readers interested and possesses keen insight into the issues that Christians face on an everyday basis. I’m happy to recommend this book to Bible-oriented Christians.”

52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles is a transformative book that combines relevant Scriptures and spiritual wisdom, encouraging readers to take immediate action and achieve personal and spiritual growth. Dr. Braswell’s weekly applications can help them apply biblical principles to everyday challenges without compromising integrity. And ultimately, the lessons presented will enliven their purpose and function to serve God to the fullest. Her book can be purchased at and other online retailers.

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