Musical Colors Launches Custom Color-Coded Sticker Guides for Musical Instruments

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Musical Colors – A Visual Music Colors System

Musical Colors Color Coded Guitar Fretboard Hand Playing B Power Chord

Musical Colors Color Coded Guitar Fretboard Playing B Power Chord

Play music using a Visual Music Color System that transforms musical instruments into a powerful learning tool.

An innovative way to make music fun and easy to comprehend for children and people of all ages.”

— Gardener Cole

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — Musical Colors – A Visual Music Color System – has unveiled its innovative custom color-coded keyboard, fingerboard, and fretboard sticker guides for musical instruments, accompanied by an extensive suite of online resources tailored to musicians of all skill levels.

In an effort to enhance music education accessibility and enjoyment, Musical Colors introduces a novel approach that integrates visual cues and color associations into traditional musical learning methods. The scientific and practical correlation between color and musical notes simplifies the learning process for musicians at every stage, including beginners, intermediate players, experts, educators, students, parents, and children.

The custom color-coded sticker guides are compatible with a wide range of musical instruments, including the piano, violin, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo. Each set of sticker guides aligns the tuning of an instrument with the seven natural notes in music or white keys of a piano, where C is Green, D is Blue, E is Indigo, F is Violet, G is Red, A is Orange, and B is Yellow. Additionally, the five sharp and flat notes or black keys of a piano are represented as pairs by two colors at opposite sides thereof, where C sharp / D flat is green/blue, D sharp / E flat is blue/indigo, F sharp / G flat is violet/red, G sharp / A flat is red/orange, and A sharp / B flat is orange/yellow, resulting in 12 visually differentiated color-coded music notes.

The sticker guides are user-friendly and serve as a visual aid for mastering scales, chords, and melodies. Whether individuals are embarking on their musical journey or seeking to expand their skills, Musical Colors offers tools to facilitate progress.

In addition to the sticker guides, Musical Colors provides a wealth of online resources, including a growing list of video tutorials covering various musical instruments and extensive visual music scale and chord guides. These resources cater to musicians seeking to enhance their proficiency, from fundamental techniques to advanced playing styles.

Founder of Musical Colors, Michael Wiley, expressed his vision for the company’s role in music education: “Musical Colors believes in making music on musical instruments accessible to everyone. By incorporating color-coded visual aids into the learning process and the instruments themselves, Musical Colors aims to inspire a new generation of musicians and empower them to reach their full potential.”

Parents looking to support their child’s musical development, students seeking skill improvement, or educators in search of innovative teaching tools can all benefit from Musical Colors’ offerings. Visit to explore the products and resources available and embark on a new musical journey today.

About Musical Colors:

Musical Colors® A Visual Music Color System offers custom color-coded sticker guides for musical instruments, complemented by online resources including video tutorials, visual music scale and chord guides, and much more. Founded with the mission of enhancing music education accessibility and enjoyment, Musical Colors provides innovative tools and resources to empower musicians of all levels.

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