How to Take Photos and Videos While Riding an E-bike


This article will provide some basic techniques for shooting great riding pictures and videos on an electric bike while riding an e-bike.

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, May 8, 2023/ — It’s that time of year again for travel and riding, and many Americans are starting their outings on their adult electric bikes. With the rise of various social media, taking photos and videos of the journey, and posting them on social media has become something almost everyone does, especially when people have a 750W-powered HiPEAK BONA folding e-bike and can’t wait to share out their joy.

It’s a challenging and enjoyable task to capture the ride on the HiPEAK electric fat tire bike. Through creative photography techniques, people can showcase the speed, power, and agility of the HiPEAK BONA to the audience, while also providing more visual enjoyment for cycling enthusiasts. This article will provide some basic techniques for shooting great riding pictures and videos on an electric bike, suitable for anyone interested in documenting their own bike rides.

Using different camera fixation methods

There are multiple different ways and angles to take riding photos. A good camera position is essential for anyone looking to make the most of it. Here are several common camera mounting options:


The helmet is almost always the preferred location for professional riders to mount their cameras, as it does not affect the rider’s operation and line of sight during the ride, and can also produce relatively clear videos. However, for some non-professionals, the additional weight may make the helmet unstable, uncomfortable to wear, or even affect the ride. Therefore, before purchasing a camera and mounting port, it is best to first determine if it is suitable for rider’s head and to pay attention to the stability of the installation.

Under the saddle

Another popular place for professionals to mount their cameras is under the saddle of an electric bike. This position can capture everything that happens behind the rider without affecting the movement of their legs during the ride. It is an excellent choice when riding with family or a group of people. Currently, there are specialized bike seats available in the market that can hold cameras and sports cameras designed to mount under the seat. They are more effective in preventing the device from slipping, vibrating, or being damaged, and are easy to operate with affordable prices.


Another good option for mounting a camera on a folding electric bike is the handlebar. This can be done either above or below the handlebar, depending on whether other items need to be installed on the handlebar. Mounting the camera above the handlebar allows for clear visibility of the license plate, while mounting it below does not interfere with items already installed on the handlebar, such as a GPS device or smartphone holder.

On the other hand, mounting the camera in this position may result in more shaky footage. Of course, if someone has purchased a professional sports camera with better image stabilization, he can safely shoot. For most average riders who do not have professional equipment, there is no need to worry too much. The electric bike camera usually comes with a metal clamp and the camera itself is mounted in a low-profile frame. Adjust the diameter of the metal ring with a suitable rubber gasket. Tighten the screw and the camera will be very secure and stable.


The chest is another prominent camera mounting option for those who want to capture exciting riding videos. This position can capture everything ahead very well and also gives a strong sense of speed. Of course, there is also a problem that the arms may block the shooting view. A better solution is to mount the camera in the center of the chest and ride with a relatively upright posture.

Keeping the camera in shooting condition

Riding an electric bike is fast-paced, especially considering that the maximum speed of HiPEAK BONA can reach 25 mph, or when people ride on an unfamiliar road, they never know when they will encounter an exciting moment. Therefore, to avoid missing any wonderful things, keep camera in shooting condition. If people plan to ride outside for a long time, remember to carry enough spare batteries.

Using sun protection filter

Generally, People tend to go out for an electric fat tire bike ride when the sun is out(except for those who like to capture rainy ride footage). Undeniably, sunny weather can bring a more perfect riding experience, but the bright sunlight may interfere with the lens quality of the camera. To prevent glare from ruining people’s footage, they can try using a sun filter. The specific equipment can be chosen based on their camera model, or they can seek help from a local camera shop if they are not sure.

Capturing some feature shots on electric bike, not just journey

If someone has ever shared their video online, they will find that many viewers are interested in their electric bike. Therefore, during the ride, individuals can try to capture some feature shots of the HiPEAK BONA folding electric bike in operation to meet the needs of bike enthusiasts. The way to capture it is to install the camera on the crossbar of the bike and aim the lens at the wheel. In this way, it is possible to effectively capture some unique shots of the suspension system and the mud sprayed from the rear wheel.


A great cycling video requires not only the right shooting techniques, but also a good folding electric bike. This travel season, HiPEAK offers the most cost-effective electric fat tire bike in the United States for all cycling enthusiasts. The HiPEAK BONA has a large capacity 48V 15ah lithium battery, providing up to 60 miles of range, allowing everyone to go on long rides and capture footage. Now, the HiPEAK website offers a discount of $150 for one bike or $350 for two bikes for each buyer. It’s time to ride the HiPEAK BONA out and enjoy the feeling of being liked by others!

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