Gigantic Pyjama Roller Skate Chase Across London

Pyjama-clad skaters at St Paul’s Cathedral

Pyjama skaters rolling past Blackfriars

Pyjama skaters rolling past Blackfriars

Skaters at Westminster Abbey

Skaters at Westminster Abbey

Walkers and shoppers in London yesterday couldn’t believe their eyes as over 100 roller skaters in pyjamas skated past to celebrate The Runaway Roller Skate.

Seeing over 100 skaters dressed as Mr Ellwood in pyjamas skating through London today brought back feelings of childhood joy to everyone.”

— Mick Le Moignan

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 4, 2023/ — Walkers and shoppers in Hyde Park and central London streets yesterday couldn’t believe their eyes as over 100 roller skaters dressed in pyjamas skated past, chasing a mouse riding a 1950s “Jacko” roller skate. The cavalcade was held to celebrate the publication of a special, Golden Anniversary edition of John Vernon Lord’s much-loved children’s classic, The Runaway Roller Skate.

A London Street Skater, Charlotte said “It was such fun skating through the streets with everyone in their PJs. That’s why I love this city.”

The beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a conservative city gent, Mr Ellwood, who loves roller skating in the country, admiring the view. His idyllic rural holiday is rudely interrupted when a mischievous Mouse creeps into his bedroom and steals one of his precious skates, riding off through a hole in the door and out of the house.

Mr Elwood, still wearing his distinctive, blue-and-white striped pyjamas, accompanied by his pet cockerel, chases after the mouse on his one remaining skate to try and recover his stolen property.

So begins one of British children’s literature’s most iconic picture books, remembered and loved by millions who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

John Vernon Lord, author and illustrator of The Runaway Roller Skate, said “I wrote and illustrated this book over 50 years ago and I’m delighted that it’s going to be available again. The inspiration for it was my annoyance at a fellow schoolboy “borrowing” one of my skates. It’s amazing to me that people enjoyed the book so much that they decided to skate through London in their pyjamas to celebrate its Golden Anniversary.”

The Runaway Roller Skate has been out of print for over 20 years, with occasional, dog-eared, second-hand copies available on the internet, often at exorbitant prices.

The publisher, Mick Le Moignan, of Bouley Bay Books, said “The Runaway Roller Skate was my children’s favourite book, but I found it had been out of print for 20 years and would cost up to £100 for a second-hand copy. It has been a labour of love to bring this magical book back to life in the 50th Anniversary edition.

“Seeing over 100 skaters dressed as Mr Ellwood in pyjamas skating through London today brought back feelings of childhood joy to everyone. I can’t thank the London Street Skate community enough for their love and support in this wonderful tribute.”

50 years after its first publication, the Golden Anniversary edition has been lovingly remastered and reprinted to bring this wonderful story and its magnificent illustrations to new generations of children and adults. The book is held in particular affection by skaters, many of whom credit the book with having set them off on their favourite pastime.

Published by Bouley Bay Books, The Runaway Roller Skate will be available soon from all good bookshops and online. RRP £12.99.

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The Runaway Roller Skate is available from all good bookshops and online. RRP £12.99. Review copies are available on request.

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