Foldscope Instruments Launches Their Newest Microscope: The MicroRealms Projector

Introducing the MicroRealms Projector

A diagram of the MicroRealms Projector with the words "Easy to use slides" pointing at the trading card in the projector, the words "Focus knob" pointing at the grey wheel on the right, and "50-1000x Zoom" pointing to the device lens in the center.

Features and Specs

A GIF showing the MicroRealms projector with the words "Introducing the MicroRealms Projector" on top, which disappear as the projector is lifted to shine a projection of a bee leg on the wall.

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The MicroRealms Projector is a 50x-1000x microscope with an embedded projector that fits in your pocket.

The MicroRealms Projector supercharges curiosity – when it only takes seconds to see something under a microscope, every question can spark a whole adventure.”

— Jim Cybulski – CEO, Foldscope Instruments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 / — Foldscope Instruments is excited to announce the launch of its latest microscope, the MicroRealms Projector. The MicroRealms Projector brings the microscopic world to life by projecting microscopy samples from glass slides or MicroRealms sample cards onto any surface. It’s easy to use and portable, making it the perfect for learning about science at home or in the classroom.

The MicroRealm Projector features a high-intensity white LED and borosilicate lens for clear visuals with a magnification range of 50-1000x. It combines user-friendly design elements like a rotary focus knob and long battery life for easy and convenient microscopic explorations.

Key Features of the MicroReam Projector

1. Unique Display Capabilities: The MicroRealm Projector is designed to magnify and project images from MicroRealms cards or glass slides, making microscopic exploration more accessible and collaborative.

2. Advanced Optics: Equipped with a high-intensity white light LED and a borosilicate ball lens, the MicroRealm Projector ensures crystal-clear projection with a magnification range of 50-1000x.

3. User-Friendly Design: The MicroRealm Projector boasts a compact form factor, making it highly portable. It includes a convenient power slider switch and a push button.

4. Focus Adjustability: A rotary knob allows users to fine-tune the focus, ensuring sharp and precise projections.

5. Long Battery Life: Powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery, the MicroRealm Projector delivers an impressive run time of approximately 2 hours.

6. Versatility in Media: The device is compatible with both MicroRealms Cards and standard glass slides.

The MicroRealm Projector is Foldscope’s second kickstarter campaign. In 2016, Foldscope released its Kickstarter for folding paper microscopes, reaching 8,400+ backers. Since then, Foldscope Instruments has distributed over 2 million microscopes across 160 countries. Learn more about their newest campaign on their Kickstarter page.

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Introducing the MicroRealms Projector

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