Elli K Beauty Unveils the Vortex Miracle: A Collection of Ingredients Inspired Arizona’s Natural Elements

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elli K Beauty, the world’s first Arizona heritage beauty brand unveils the Vortex Miracle further elevating luxury skincare. The Vortex Miracle is a proprietary formulation developed by Elli K Beauty inspired by the nature of Arizona, a constant source of energy.

Arizona is home to the strongest Vortex in the world- the innovation behind the Vortex Miracle. This unique compilation of ingredients is the signature elixir of Elli K Beauty, a tribute to the vitality and resilience of the plants that blossom in the challenging heat and aridity of Arizona’s terrain, miraculously holding onto moisture all year long.

The Vortex Miracle is made up of multiple custom components– AZ10-BIOME, AZ4-RX, Progreline, Neurovity. This potent blend works in conjunction to improve skin texture, moisture retention, strengthen the skin barrier and combat aging, while restoring the skin’s vitality. The signature elixir captures the essence of the Vortex lands that are celebrated for their unparalleled life force. Elli K products are masterfully crafted to indulge your skin with hydration like Arizona terrain, locking in moisture to achieve the perfect balance of suppleness. This luxurious infusion of ingredients enhances the skin’s natural elasticity and volume, over time unveiling a timeless, age-defying radiance. Elli K is committed to developing ingredients inspired by the potent energy of Arizona, continuously striving towards the true essence of inner and outer beauty.

AZ10-BIOME is the water component of the Vortex Miracle, comprised of groundwater from Sedona, honey from the Saguaro Cactus flowers, the Echinacea flower, and the Banana Yucca. This nature-derived complex is double fermented through yeast and lactobacillus to reduce the molecular structure of the active ingredients, making it easier to absorb into the skin. The amino and organic acids generated throughout the fermentation process maximize the efficacy of each raw material. The AZ10-BIOME hinders the growth of harmful bacteria, while improving skin texture and delivering deep moisture to the skin.

AZ4-RX is the oil component of the Vortex Miracle, made up of four ingredients including Desert Cactus and Jojoba seed oils, along with a compilation of Polyphenols. Through oil fermentation with yeast and vitamins, this proprietary blend of botanical oils and vitamins provide vital nutrients to the skin, while increasing absorption and improving moisture retention by 1.6 times. AZ4-RX reduces skin irritation and strengthens the skin barrier.

Progreline and Neurovity are active ingredients that individually work to combat skin aging. Progreline is an amino acid complex that effectively reduces the loss of elasticity and alleviates wrinkles by suppressing the expression of proteins that cause aging. Neurovity is an active ingredient that embodies the longevity gene of the immortal jellyfish. These anti-aging components work from inside the skin to restore vitality and prevent aging.

Each Elli K Beauty product is exclusively formulated with the Vortex Miracle, bottling the rich and illustrious nature of Arizona, the land of miracles, into this premium skincare brand. Elli K Beauty Time Reverse collection includes a refreshing Cleansing Foam, gentle Cleansing Oil, rich Double Ampoule, moisturizing face Cream, restoring Mud Cream Mask, dual-zone Sheet Mask, radiance boosting Treatment Lotion and a hydrating Toner.

About Elli K Beauty:

Elli K Beauty stands out as the world’s first Arizona heritage beauty brand, drawing deep inspiration from Arizona’s unique attributes. Arizona is globally recognized for its VORTEX, the Earth’s most potent energy source. Elli K Beauty incorporates Arizona’s strong vitality into its luxury skincare line through innovative fermentation technology, they’ve crafted products teeming with nature’s vigor using authentic Arizona-derived ingredients. The brand’s flagship “Time Reverse” line showcases a spectrum of eight must-haves, ranging from toners to the iconic Time Reverse Double Ampoule, Mud Cream Mask, and the Cream. Explore the vitality of Arizona with Elli K Beauty, available for purchase at their website, www.ellikbeauty.com, and follow us at @ellik_official.

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