CryptoChronic Announces its First Esports Competition, Awarding Next Generation Gaming Console


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SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG, October 26, 2023 / — Today, Chronic Games Limited is excited to reveal the eagerly anticipated start date for the first competitive gaming tournament of CryptoChronic. Commencing on Wednesday the 1st of November 2023 at 00:01 AM, it will last until the end of the month.

As the timers and scores reset, gamers will battle to the last “virtual toke” playing “Smoke Off”, the pickup-and-play, asynchronous multiplayer casual game existing within the “Cannaverse”, CryptoChronic’s gaming metaverse available to play for free on their website,

Bringing the fun back to crypto, CryptoChronic is the free-to-earn multi-platform video game that reinvents Pokémon and Tamagotchi as blockchain-based, digital-pet collectibles – Chronics – that gamers breed, nurture, and battle in multiplayer against their friends. The “Smoke Off” is a combination of proven battle mechanics combined from successful gaming platforms such as Clash of Clans, Pokémon, and Blackjack. The combination of each player’s selected Chronic’s battle stats determines their effectiveness in battle and ultimately its outcome.

The goal is to contribute as much THC and CBD as possible without going over the judge’s respective limits. If they are crossed, the hit knocks the judge out and the opposing player is declared the winner. If the Judge is able to tolerate all of the Chronics without passing-out, then the player who provided the most THC and CBD points is declared the winner. A successful strategy on the part of the gamer will combine Chronics in such a way as to maximize their battle stats in relation to the judge’s base stats for THC and CBD, and to Aroma – influencing starting order.

Beginning Wednesday, the 1st of November 2023, at 00:01 AM, players are encouraged to win as many battles as possible to climb the rankings. At the end of the month, on Thursday, the 30th of November at midnight, whoever is in the first place will take home a Next Generation Gaming Console that the community will choose between a Sony PlayStation 5 and a Microsoft Xbox Series X.

In fact, starting from tomorrow, Friday the 27th, on CryptoChronic’s social channels, Chronic Games will ask the esteemed members of its community to vote on which of the two consoles they wish to fight for, ending once and for all the debate and bringing peace to the Console Wars. All those who are interested in participating are encouraged to follow the deliberation and contribute.

The runners-up will be awarded other prizes to be selected amongst the recently inaugurated merchandising line, CryptoChronic Wearables. Designed by the same renowned artist responsible for the game’s graphics, IvanArt, it seeks to be much more than merely “merch”, intending to become a full-on fashion brand, and the ultimate in style for gaming and toking with your friends.

Marco Prinzi, CEO of Chronic Games, shares his excitement, stating, “We are elated to announce this first competition based on our game, which will necessarily highlight how cool CryptoChronic really is to play against your friends, increasing its reach and enlarging our community. The invitation is extended to all gamers, digital collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and innovators alike, encouraging them to partake in our Esports tournament, and embark on a journey to establish higher standards for crypto-based gaming, setting new benchmarks across the industry. And, hopefully, win a fantastic gaming console while they are at it, too!”

Chronic Games is offering anyone who wishes the chance to see for themselves how fun it is to test their mettle against their friends in CryptoChronic, and the outstanding opportunity to win the coveted prize. The team is waiting for everyone in the Cannaverse from the 1st of November and wishes good luck to all the competitors, thanking them for their participation.

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