Akko Introduces World’s First Keyboard Compatible with Both MX and Magnetic Switches
Akko Introduces World’s First Keyboard Compatible with Both MX and Magnetic Switches

MOD007 PC Keycaps Removed (Showing Magnetic Switches)

MOD007 PC 7th Anniversary Full Setup

MOD007 PC Front Image

CHINA, September 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — On August 15th 2023, Akko released the world’s first keyboard that supports both magnetic switches and any 3-pin mechanical MX style switches, the 7th Anniversary MOD007 PC. It is also the first magnetic switch keyboard delivered by Akko, who is already known for offering conventional mechanical keyboard switches, and computer peripherals.

This keyboard is special because it is also featuring Akko’s 7th Anniversary design with 5-sided PBT dye sublimation keycaps.

Prior to the introduction of the 7th Anniversary MOD007 PC, individuals seeking to experience magnetic switches were required to acquire an entirely non-mechanical keyboard. The 7th Anniversary MOD007 PC now serves as an ideal solution for those curious about magnetic switches. Akko presents a dual-choice solution for users who favor either magnetic switches or mechanical MX style switches. This innovation allows users to choose between magnetic switches for a smoother gaming experience with customized actuation distance or mechanical switches for that classic typing feeling, all within a single keyboard.

“Our mission is to make premium gaming gears more accessible to the community,” stated Yiling Fu, Global Operational Manager at Akko. “Regardless of the types of switches you install, you can program it anytime using Akko Cloud Driver. “

At present, Akko offers Cream Yellow Magnetic switches, with plans to expand options, giving users the ability to access varied typing experiences akin to the choices available with traditional mechanical switches.

For more information about the 7th Anniversary MOD007 PC keyboard and other Akko products, please visit its Global Store.

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