AGI startup and Web3 Onboarding Team Up to Provide New Innovations

Spark Engine and Web3 Onboarding Present “Dapp Magic!

DappMagic A.I. Powered, Text-Prompted, D-App Generator

“It all starts with a Spark, at Spark Engine!”

“Spark Engine Multi Agent Technology”

“Spark Engine Agent Interface”

Groundbreaking AGI Framework and AI-Powered Dapp Development Protocol Signals Major Shift in Tech

DappMagic (DEX:DMAGIC)

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

— Alan Kay

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 19, 2024 / — The field of both blockchain and AI has seen exciting strides lately. Two Canadian companies are venturing together to build transformative platforms for their industries.

Spark Engine” Autonomous Technology Solutions has made noteworthy progress in the race for artificial general intelligence (AGI) development. Spark Engine has utilized a novel approach to neural networks that integrates multiple artificial neural networks (ANNs) in a high-level multi-agent system to accomplish tasks, creating what they now refer to as a “Large Neural Network” (LNN) due to the scale.

“We’ve found the platform to be both the product which makes the products, as well as what we believe to be the starting foundation for AGI”, said Spark Engine’s CEO, Jordan Trowell. The Spark Engine no-code platform will be released publicly on the 12th of July and will be open to developers and non-developers to create advanced AI systems and host them as APIs.

Web3 Onboarding Corp, a platform for onboarding new users into Web3, had the opportunity to meet with the team at Spark Engine early before their release; teaming up to create DappMagic with their infrastructure at the same time, enabling w3o to start generating web applications for the decentralized space.

Amy Bennett, the joint venture’s spokesperson added “In addition to DappMagic, we anticipate the release of a mainstream version of DappMagic to be released to the Web2 market within the next 2-3 months”. However, their early prototype is said to be completed when Spark Engine is released.

“DappMagic is an AI-powered, text-to-dapp builder that revolutionizes the way decentralized apps are developed, marking a paradigm shift in the internet’s economy. It marks the beginning of a new era, eliminating the need for other app development tools and systems,” Bennett stated. She added, “Simply put, DappMagic has the ability to develop any decentralized application with text-prompted commands. Although many people have been improving their prompting skills with products such as ChatGPT, the Multi-Agent system will also analyze and enhance prompts. DappMagic development has surpassed all internal milestones to date, with a clear roadmap to completion laid out.” To see a demo of DappMagic and Spark Engine in action, simply send an email to [email protected] with the Title “Demo Requested”, and your first name in the main body. Pricing and early bird discounted sales can be requested at [email protected]

“The venture plans on a B2B business model, initially using blockchain networks to distribute DappMagic to their users. Interested blockchain networks are encouraged to contact DappMagic now to qualify for Preferred Network privileges.”

“DappMagic would also like to announce that their Series A Round is now open at a 20% discount, and SAFT agreements for the DMAGIC token are available upon request.

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DappMagic Announces the New Era of D-App Development

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