NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — Marco Stefanini, the CEO of Stefanini Group, a billion dollar global company specializing in digital solutions, recently released an expanded version of his book The Son of the Crisis containing updated lessons for business leaders and sharing the multinational technology company’s story.

Drawing upon the lessons Marco has learned as the founder and CEO of Stefanini, The Son of the Crisis reflects on his more than 35 years of experience, leading the group’s expansion into 41 countries across 5 continents. For those interested in understanding and overcoming challenges like inflationary periods, entrenched competitors, technological developments, and cultural barriers, this book offers valuable insights based on Marco’s experiences leading the technology group.

The book contains a number of additions to the Stefanini story since the first version was published in 2012, including Marco’s experience leading the group through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“When I founded Stefanini more than 35 years ago, it would have been almost impossible to imagine that it would become one of Brazil’s most successful multinational companies,” said Marco. “This book distills the most important lessons learned as the group has overcome a constant stream of challenges along our road to success.”

Marco founded Stefanini in 1987 from his living room in Brazil during a period of financial difficulty for the country. With inflation topping 300% and the government suspending interest payments on foreign debt at the beginning of the year, Marco and co-founder Graca Sajovik Stefanini began their company with little more than hard work and innovative ideas.

Amidst challenging economic climates, Stefanini’s trajectory of sustained growth and profitability offers valuable insights into navigating adversity. In 1996, Stefanini expanded beyond Brazil, starting with its inaugural office in Argentina. In doing so, it defied initial doubts about the feasibility of a Brazilian multinational tech firm’s success abroad.

Since then, Stefanini’s global footprint has expanded steadily, encompassing key locations such as the U.S. in 2001, India in 2006, Belgium in 2010, and China in 2011. Today, Stefanini stands as the largest Latin American technology company and the fifth-largest Brazilian company on the international stage.

Beyond its impressive growth, Stefanini’s specialization in critical sectors like smart manufacturing, retail, digital marketing, and cybersecurity underscores its relevance in addressing contemporary industry challenges. Moreover, its recognized leadership in AI, honed over 15 years, offers practical insights into harnessing cutting-edge technology for business success.

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About Stefanini Group

Stefanini is a global tech multinational, originating from Brazil, with 35 years of experience on the market and a presence in 41 countries. The company invests in a complete innovation ecosystem to serve main industry verticals and assist customers in their digital transformation. With robust offers aligned with market trends such as automation, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and User Experience (UX), the company has received recognitions as well as several awards in the innovation area. Currently, the Brazilian multinational has a broad portfolio, which combines innovative consult-ing and marketing solutions, mobility, personalized campaigns and artificial intelligence with tradi-tional solutions such as Service Desk (with the ability to offer support in 35 languages), Field Service and outsourcing (BPO). Grab your copy today.

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