New Book, “The Fundamental Secrets of Accounting,” Has Tips for Businesspeople on Sustaining Their Businesses

The book guides readers on how to save money, avoid pitfalls and gain economic success

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 22, 2023/ — Veteran accountant Faith Mupakaviri is thrilled to announce the release of her new book, “The Fundamental Secrets of Accounting,” on Amazon to benefit businesspeople who want tips on how to sustain their businesses.

The book is subtitled, “A guide for all (including film/creative industries) to saving money, identifying/avoiding pitfalls and gaining economic success.” Mupakaviri said, “Though the book has been written with more focus on the film/creative (entertainment industry), it benefits anyone from start-ups, other industries, students, people thinking of becoming freelance/entrepreneurs, general people as they get tips of the current economic turmoil and those in business who just want tips of sustaining their businesses.”

“The Fundamental Secrets of Accounting” is a guiding tool that supports and benefits SMEs, multiple sector industries, start-ups, entrepreneurs/freelancers, students and those in need of gaining a basic understanding of accountancy.

The recently published book has already received two five-star reviews on Amazon.

One reader wrote, “I bought the book from the author and have learnt so much about accounting and all I need for my business. There are great tips and real-life stories. I liked reading about the history of accounting. I could say so much. I am not from an accounting background, but this book has been an eye opener for me. Thank you for this amazing book.”

Another reader wrote, “I used this book to learn, understand and develop my skills relating to accounting. There is an amazing insight to this world and it involves everybody, so it’s so relevant. I like the book; great job and can’t wait for another.”

Readers of the book will learn the importance of selecting the right accountant, understanding regulations and remaining compliant, filing accounts on time, meeting deadlines, avoiding unnecessary fines and much more.

The book also includes information about the history of accounting. It highlights the pitfalls of not having proper accounting systems in place and information about the importance of accounting and choosing an accountant. The book also delves into the accountant’s role versus the client’s role. Mupakaviri demonstrates how to identify charlatans, the importance of due diligence and what to do when there are natural disasters. She also explores the lack of representation and diversity in “The Fundamental Secrets of Accounting.”

“As a business owner, having direction is the key to success,” Mupakaviri added.

Mupakaviri is the founder of Feline Corporation Limited, an accredited, AAT and ACCA-certified accounting firm based in London. She was a runner-up global award winner for Women in Finance and worked on various West End musicals in the UK, including “Beauty and the Beast,” and has film credits, such as “The Time of Their Lives” starring Dame Joan Collins.

“My inspiration came from all I had seen and experienced during my walk in the accounting world,” Mupakaviri said. “Loopholes I saw and how I thought my book could fill some of those holes. Not to mention my specialty of dealing with the entertainment/creative industry apart from other industries and individuals.”

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