New Author Vincent Bozzino on a Crowd-Awakening Mission with Sharp, Trade Debut “Philosophy Trips: A Naive Guide”

A Counterculture Blueprint

The most in-depth, light introduction to philosophy in the last 30 years to superpower your critical thinking skills.

The best triggers for would-be sages.”

— LA Weekly

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, April 26, 2024 / — London-based Libertine Press is proud to announce the release of “Philosophy Trips: A Naive’s Guide” by new author Vincent Bozzino, a clean-cut and enlightening guide to 21 centuries of philosophical thought, now available in all major bookstores worldwide.

Written for both beginners and seasoned would-be sages, the smart life companion aims to challenge, inspire and persuade the public to think better.

Tackling all the big issues in a digestible format, former ingenu and philosophy researcher Vincent Bozzino makes heavy, multi-disciplinary topics “rock ‘n roll” with a witty – and unexpectedly practical – critical thinking crash course for the curious minds.

This is great for those who want to be both “book smart and street smart” in life, this 12-stop rollercoaster ride subtly eases newbies into critical scrutiny of human history against the ideological bandwagons we conveniently adopted.

A collection of essays, anecdotes and thought experiments are packaged together to dive into the uncomfortable matters that arise at the dinner table, on social media or in deep, late-night talks: government policies, falsity, immortality, goodness, ugliness, scientific truth and the like.

Fundamental questions that have puzzled humanity for centuries, that many philosophers treated, many book collections capitalised on, countless journalists abuse but that nobody condensed so well, in the last thirty years, like Bozzino did in “Philosophy Trips”.

Libertine Press, founded and led by Bozzino himself, is known for its commitment to publishing innovative and thought-provoking works.

Enjoyed by students, professionals and anyone with an interest in philosophy, Bozzino’s sharp trade debut is reportedly the first in a series of efforts in popularising philosophy, making complex ideas fashionable and “motivating a loud society to focus”.

By fostering a philosopher’s passion for finding beauty and exploring the unknown, the author wrote a modern introduction for the majority to learn how to read through the world via sophistication, creativity and objective analysis – just like the Great Thinkers – with a view to master uncertainty and thrive in disturbing times.

Candid illustrations and engaging writing make complex subjects easier to understand, adding a little wit to the serious subject. The short form title also reflects the growing inter-disciplinarity within philosophy and is of interest to those in related disciplines across the humanities and social sciences.

Join the conversation and embark on a self-discovering journey towards intellectual enlightenment and moral fortitude that eventually engages your heart.

After this wisdom tour, you will know how to go deeper than appearances and change the perception of what it means to be a “powerful human”, social validation aside. You will step your game up and become an agent in your life, rather than being carried along by forces that buffet us. You will learn how to think outside the box with strong problem-solving, unclichéd knowledge and attention to details. You will take your time with wild clarity – and like every travel – “Philosophy Trips” will bring you home with resilience, independence and freedom.

From the complexities of ethics to the mysteries of consciousness, existential dilemmas are narrated with a mix of scholarly rigor and elastic provocations to purposely linger in your minds long after you have finished reading.

Dive into the art of arguing and stress test your argumentative skills today.

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