Jelajah Ilmu enhances the academic achievement of students in hundreds of Madrasahs across Aceh Province

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA, June 26, 2023/ — In collaboration with Acer Indonesia, Jelajah Ilmu is proud to have played an important role in enhancing the academic achievements of students in hundreds of Madrasahs across Aceh Province.

Acer Indonesia has announced the successful completion of its digital transformation programme, which entailed the effective implementation of Jelajah Ilmu, an academic delivery platform, in hundreds of schools in Indonesia including Aceh Province.

Acer Indonesia has been at the forefront of this educational revolution. By initiating this programme to support digitisation efforts in Madrasahs and schools throughout the country, we aim to advance the educational landscape of Indonesia.

Since the implementation of Jelajah Ilmu, edtech has been utilised by over 100 Madrasahs located in 19 districts or cities, encompassing approximately 83% of Aceh Province. The number of users on our platform has experienced substantial growth since its initial introduction in 2022, initially covering only 6 districts or cities.

Herbet Ang, President Director of Acer Indonesia, expressed the company’s commitment to driving technological transformation in education throughout Indonesia, stating, “Through Jelajah Ilmu, Acer Indonesia is committed to driving technological transformation in society by supporting the acceleration of digitalisation in education across Madrasahs and schools in various regions of Indonesia. The presence of Jelajah Ilmu also represents our company’s efforts to continuously contribute to improving the quality of education in schools and assisting in enhancing national education standards.”

Hj. Ummiyani, M.Pd., Head of MIN 9 Banda Aceh stated “We appreciate Acer Indonesia’s initiative of bringing the Jelajah Ilmu platform, which has provided many direct benefits to our Madrasah. As the Head of Madrasah, the Jelajah Ilmu platform helps us in monitoring and problem-solving in each class with appropriate solutions, making school planning better and measurable. All of this is based on the data we obtain through the daily implementation of Jelajah Ilmu in the Madrasah.” Additionally, Ummiyani sees the positive impact of Jelajah Ilmu’s structured approach in monitoring student understanding and the quality of teaching methodologies, leading to improved academic achievements in Madrasahs.

Teachers at MIN 9 Banda Aceh also appreciated Jelajah Ilmu’s positive impact on their work. Zulfahmi, S.Pd.I., M.Ed., shared how our platform has streamlined teaching material preparation and allowed personalised interventions based on accurate student data. He emphasised the diverse question banks and automated assessment, simplifying his role as a teacher. Zulfahmi also believes that through Jelajah Ilmu, the parent-child relationship can strengthen by providing detailed insights into student development.

As an academic delivery system, we seek to transform education by providing a remarkable digital learning experience with our carefully curated content and teaching materials that empower students for success. As the users of our platform increases in Indonesia including Aceh Province, we envision a future in which incredible graduates emerge from every region. In collaboration with Acer Indonesia, we will further work to raise national education standards and provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to prosper in the digital age.

About Advanced Pedagogy (AP) and Jelajah Ilmu

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) is an education technology company headquartered in Singapore and is best known for their mySecondTeacher platform. Founded by Cambridge University alumnus Dr. Benson Soong and advised by Cambridge don Prof. Neil Mercer, AP works to improve school-based education using the technologies of education. Our solutions transform traditional education landscapes and lead to improved learning outcomes for students while helping teachers transform their core responsibilities — from that of the content provider and knowledge facilitators into learning activators. Jelajah Ilmu is AP’s ed-tech platform especially catered to the Indonesian market.

About Acer Indonesia

Acer Indonesia started operations in 1998 and is now a major player in the Indonesian PC Industry. Acer recorded stable and positive growth in the Indonesian market, successfully becoming the No.1 brand in the laptop category for eight consecutive years and No.1 in the PC category for seven consecutive years in Indonesia (IDC PC Tracker & Garters Inc). These achievements also place Acer as a laptop and PC brand the choice of Indonesian people, as proven by the various prestigious awards achieved by Acer, including Top Brand Award for 16 consecutive years, Indonesia Best Brand Award, No.1 Customer Service in Indonesia for the laptop category, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award for 11 consecutive years, including an international award as The Most Socially Devoted Brand on Facebook for Electronics Category in customer service through social media from Acer is committed to establishing borderless communication with consumers throughout Indonesia, which was realised through a network of after-sales services found at 110 locations in 90 cities and 36 provinces in Indonesia. Customers can contact Acer Contact Centre with local rates on 1500-155, also 24 hours a day, via social media.

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