The Flag in Me: America

Glo Rose pens a narrative that motivates kids to persevere, exhibit courage, and recognize their cultural heritage inspired by colors of the American flag.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 11, 2023/ — The standards of this world are constantly changing. People always pursue the newest and trendiest things, unaware they are losing what they already have.

Author Glo Rose is a black woman who grew up around diverse people who lived and did what they needed to do. She conceived two amazing mixed children that became her inspiration to write this book called “The Flag in Me: America.”

Glo Rose wanted her children to grow up with confidence and loyalty to all the ancestors who were before them. Though she can never protect them all the time, she needed to know that they have the resilience to stay true to who they really are.

Beauty is defined by society based on what they see on television, most of which is artificial. But what’s sad about it is that society still chooses to believe and follow them, even if it hurts them. The children are now in great danger. From all this inequity in mentality and standards to seeing them on television and other social media platforms.

This book brings children back to what really matters. It helps them understand who they are and where they came from. Teach them to be able to know what they really want, not what the world wants for them.

The author wanted children to know their identity, unshaken by the demands. She wanted her kids to have their voices and to stay true and loyal like an unwavering flag. By remembering their historical lands and colors, Glo Rose believed that they would be able to draw strength and confidence from them.

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