INPress International Launches Guide to Decluttering for Americans
INPress International Launches Guide to Decluttering for Americans

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SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 / — As the pandemic continues to shape our working and living environments, decluttering expert Fan Xi Yu is releasing a new guide to help Americans adapt to the changing landscape and streamline their homes for more efficient living.

Titled “GoodBuy, Things!” (INPress Self-Help Science), Fan’s book addresses the surge in decluttering as people adjust to ongoing workspace changes and uncertainty. Recent surveys have shown that 64% of Americans own too many possessions and nearly half experience stress from clutter.

With many companies embracing hybrid and remote work models for the long-term, more and more workers are downsizing their personal living spaces. Fan’s book offers practical advice on how to resize living spaces economically while maintaining a high quality of life.

INPress publisher Sydney Sweet says, “As our lifestyles have abruptly changed, excess has accumulated. Fan’s guidance comes at a critical time when many are downsizing and refocusing on what truly brings joy to their lives.”

The book provides a strategic approach to decluttering, going room-by-room and highlighting items that are in high demand for donations. Early adopters have reported raising an average of $1,000 from decluttered goods, which can be better spent on experiences that enrich daily life rather than taking up storage space.

As the real estate market shifts, “GoodBuy, Things!” offers a blueprint for reducing living costs through minimalism while also promoting overall well-being. With 64% of Americans open to downsizing, this book has the potential to reshape post-pandemic living nationwide.

“GoodBuy, Things!” is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and independent retailers. Fan’s guidance arrives at a time when many are embracing hybrid schedules and seeking ways to optimize their domestic functionality. Her method offers valuable insights for post-pandemic living through mindful minimization.

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