Increasing Marijuana Use Endangers Workplace Safety

Real-time impairment detection in the workplace serves to reduce risk and also deters drug use before arriving and while at work

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA, December 27, 2023 / — According to a 2022 Gallup Poll (Social Series Work), 16% of employees now admit to using Marijuana. This number is expected to increase as more states legalize recreational use. Public support for legalization in 2021 was at 68%. In this Gallup survey, 3 of 10 in the age 18-34 are smoking Marijuana, almost twice the rate in the 35-54 age group. Given such a high rate of use, it is very likely that employees will show up at work impaired due to the recent use of Marijuana. As a result, the consequences of Marijuana impairment will likely become apparent in your work environment.

According to the National Safety Council, Marijuana use is associated with higher injury rates, higher absenteeism rates, and lower productizing. A catastrophic event is always a distinct possibility, especially for an impaired worker in a safety-sensitive job placing coworkers, the community, and the employer at risk.

It is well known that the main effects of Marijuana use are said to wear off over time but that varies based on dose, duration, body size, and frequency of use. Being able to identify the characteristics of Marijuana impairment requires training and experience. It is complicated by the inaccuracy of rapid test kits, and uncertainties arising from more accurate drug testing performed at major laboratories that positively identify the presence of a drug but cannot determine current impairment, even when employees test positive.

Impairment based on observation can be readily validated by ZXEREX® technology developed at medical research institutions and is now available for use in the workplace environment. IMPAIR-ID powered by ZXEREX® is a very accurate, non-invasive, patented real-time screening system that provides actionable results.

When combined with an organization’s in-house safety program, it can help to reduce injury rates, and absenteeism and improve productivity. One of its very important features is its ability to personalize testing and use the individual’s unimpaired baseline results for comparison.

Detecting impairment is not designed to be a punitive measure. The screening is part of a safety initiative designed to reduce risk and help to keep employees, co-workers, the public, and employers safe.

ZXEREX® applies the latest in neuro and data science to enhance risk management to help ensure your employees remain safe.

For more information about impairment screening, especially for Marijuana, please contact a member of our safety team.

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