Flemming’s Literary Masterpiece Gets Top Reviewers’ Approval

“We Need to Get It Right or It Will Be Tight”

The US Review of Books Details the Book’s Compelling Message for the World
The US Review of Books Details the Book’s Compelling Message for the World

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A new masterpiece is set to bring spiritual enlightenment to many readers across the world. With the top reviewing company, the US Review of Books, giving it a strong recommendation and a positive review, the book is expected to reach more heights in the book industry – and draw more lives into God’s masterplan.

“This book is not for the lighthearted,” Mary Rumble Flemming, the author of the book “We Need to Get it Right or It Will Be Tight” says. “I hope to encourage everyone to read the Holy Bible for themselves,” says Flemming in her short and concise book synopsis on Amazon.

Recently, more details of what this book is all about have come out through the detailed review from Mihir Shah of The US Review of Books – giving the book a more compelling definition.

“Poet and religious thinker Flemming has created this bold yet touching collection as a banner, both of inspiration and alert, hoping that readers will take her message seriously,” Shah says. Shah goes on to say that the book expressed clearly in the opening work, “Do You Want the Earth to Sing?” in which she recalls the great flood as described in the Bible, warning that if humans do not repent, the earth will gladly consume them in a rain of “fire and brimstone.”

Several of the poems examine the question of comparing. For instance, why do we compare people to one another, finding fault and causing pain, when we don’t compare an orange to an apple or a dog to a cow? “Dirt or Topsoil” reminds readers that “we all love dirt” because it is the source of our foods, either in plants directly or from the animals that eat plants. In fact, God made humans from dust. Dirt occurs in different colors, yet all mix together. So why, Flemming asks, “does one dirt think that it is better than the other dirt…?”

The most unique part of Flemming’s book is that it is accompanied by Bible verses injected in the viewpoints discussed by the author. “There are also simple but evocative illustrations for some of the works, such as a distant mountain view, a long, lonely ditch, a set of footprints in the sand, and hands filled with topsoil. Small florets grace the corners of each page,” Shah continues.

Author Mary Flemming has been writing poetry since her youth. Recently, she has given more focus on it. According to USRB, Flemming’s perspective as a sincere Christian gives her work the depth that spirituality can endow on those who choose, as she clearly has, to devote their life to principle and contemplation, both of which qualities shine through the author’s work.

“It is my hope that through my works, people will know that turning away from God has irreversible consequences,” she says.

“We Need to Get It Right or It Will be Tight” is now up for grabs on Amazon and other leading digital platforms worldwide.

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