Divine Mercy, a Masterpiece by Telvin Wallace, Commissioned for New Book

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Telvin Wallace, an esteemed artist celebrated for his original and innovative approach to color and form, has crafted an eye-catching book cover for Charles Moore’s upcoming literary work. The piece, aptly titled ‘Divine Mercy,’ brings to life Moore’s request for the artwork to evoke a sense of greatness in endurance running.

The cover’s creation was a collaborative effort—Moore provided Wallace with an inspirational foundation rooted in the desire for the art to exude divinity’s presence and honor. This concept meshed perfectly with Wallace’s philosophy of conveying emotion through color, layering, and depth. Wallace’s choice of palette—notably the strategic use of king’s blue and other hues—not only reflects Moore’s intent but also showcases Wallace’s creative approach to understanding and rendering color.

When discussing the artwork, Wallace highlighted the significance of color in his artistry, likening it to the divine gifts of nature. He stated, ‘Color is something God gives to people. The sky’s blue, the grass is green. Our skin looks different under differing lights.’ The backdrop of the portrait, akin to the sky, further underpins the idea of the quality of God being both within and outside us.

Speaking on the stoic expression painted, Wallace emphasized its embodiment of fearlessness, a nod to the spirit of God within. The portrait is an ode to the many facets of human emotion, a journey from darkness to light, much like life itself. Wallace also eloquently described the portrait’s multi-dimensional depth, touching upon how the colors would evolve with time, much like the evolving spirit in everyone.

The emblematic rabbit logo on the painted t-shirt, placed with intentional prominence, seeks to represent the unique mindset and vision of those who commit to the brand Tracksmith, subtly alluding to a broader theme of commitment and vision in life.

Moore, clearly moved by Wallace’s rendition, remarked that the cover perfectly encapsulated the sentiment he sought. This collaboration between Moore and Wallace has resulted in a book cover that’s more than just a visual—it’s an experience and a testament to the potent combination of profound thought and artistry.

For more information about Charles Moore’s upcoming book Apropos of Running, featuring Telvin Wallace’s ‘Divine Mercy’ as its cover, or for media inquiries, please contact Charles Moore at [email protected].

About Telvin Wallace
Telvin Wallace is a 2019 graduate of North Carolina Central University, where he received a BA in Studio Art with a focus on painting and printmaking. Through painting and portraiture, Wallace explores Black mental health and the human condition. Since graduating, Wallace has shared his thoughts and ideas through art in numerous exhibitions, both solo and group.

About Charles Moore
Charles Moore is an art historian, writer, and curator based in New York and author of the book, The Black Market: A Guide to Art Collecting and The Brilliance of the Color Black through the eyes of art collectors. He currently is a third-year doctoral student at Columbia University’s Teachers College, researching the life and career of abstract painter, Ed Clark.

Charles Moore
[email protected]

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