Chef Jazz Jazz Conquers Fear of Cooking Through Her Son

Indeed, a strong support system can help accomplish one’s goals!

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — Chef Dulcia Alexander, better known as Chef Jazz Jazz, has authored an easy-to-follow recipe book, “Cooking with Jazz Jazz.”

Being a native of Kingston, Jamaica, Chef Jazz Jazz has been accustomed to authentic Jamaican cuisines. After finishing grade school, she took up Food and Beverage Management in college. Not so long after, she then embarked on her journey of motherhood. She single-handedly raised her only son and showered him with all her love. All those efforts had paid off as her son is now enlisted in the US Navy. Motherhood may not be an easy feat, but she came through. Her motherhood journey was not always smooth sailing. And that’s how she found her way to cooking. Cooking became her refuge, which soon after she discovered was her passion.

At first, she was not that confident about her cooking. But her son, who recently overcame his biggest fear of swimming, gave Chef Jazz Jazz the encouragement to also face her fear and validated her cooking skills.

Years later, she decided to migrate to the US. Here, she pursued her passion for cooking. She stayed in the industry for more than two decades. She eventually acquired valuable skills that catapulted her from being a mom to a cook, and ultimately, to a chef.

During the pandemic, Chef Jazz Jazz would start live streams of her cooking random dishes in her kitchen. Now, she has compiled all her recipes and is ready to share them with others for them to enjoy.

“Cooking with Chef Jazz Jazz,” an indispensable tool for scrumptious living, is available on Amazon and other major online bookstore retailers. Grab a copy now!

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