BambuUP releases the latest Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report

Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report 2023

The Report has been released, serve as a comprehensive database of the open innovation ecosystem in Vietnam throughout 2023

The editorial team believes that enterprises will find valuable information and insights for open innovation directions & development in the the report this year”

— CEO of BambuUP

VIETNAM, January 12, 2024 / — The “Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report 2023” has officially been released in two languages: Vietnamese and English. This marks the third year of the report, featuring a new structure and appearance. It continues to serve as a comprehensive and reputable database, providing an overview of the open innovation ecosystem in Vietnam throughout 2023. The report is conducted by BambuUP (Vietnam open innovation platform), under the auspices of the National Agency of Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC) and the National Startup Support Centre (NSSC).

After over 3 months of implementation, the Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report 2023 has officially been launched. The recent report launch ceremony was successfully organized with a virtual exhibition experience, featuring representatives from Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Israel, and more.

The 2023 report continues to serve as the most comprehensive and up-to-date reputable database on the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam for leaders, managers, and business strategy developers. The report synthesizes survey data, analysis, and forecasts with the consultancy of over 45 top experts in Vietnam across the fields of Business Administration, Strategic, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Investment, etc. It provides valuable advisory insights, guiding businesses on innovation and strategic development to survive and adapt during the forecasted period of continued upcoming changes. The potentials and challenges for businesses and corporations in Vietnam are consolidated through in-depth analysis of global trends in innovation and technology, both regionally and in the specific context of Vietnam. Additionally, the report proposes various approaches and guidelines to assist businesses in transitioning to open innovation, facilitating a smooth entry into the new operational year.

This year, the report is released with a new structure and appearance under the theme ‘The Flat World of Innovation,’ aiming to present Vietnam’s innovative solutions more robustly on the global stage and bring worldwide solutions to Vietnam to create a flow of knowledge exchange and implementation experiences in innovation.
Instead of consolidating all content into a single lengthy report, it is released as a set of three separate volumes, enhancing its role for the readers. The specific content comprises three main themes:

– Volume 1: The World in 2030 – Trends Shaping the Future
– Volume 2: Vietnam’s Open Innovation Ecosystem 2023
– Volume 3: The Flat World of Innovation

In the first volume, the report focuses on the latest trends and methodologies of Open Innovation in businesses and corporations. Additionally, this section delves deeper into the emergence of new economic models and trends in three key areas: Sales & Marketing 4.0; Cybersecurity & Data Security; Applications of Blockchain.

The second one provides updates on Vietnam’s open innovation ecosystem and summarizes the technology investment landscape in Vietnam for the year 2023. This volume also extends the results of surveys on the readiness for Open Innovation of three entities: the government, businesses, and startups, starting from 2022.

The third volume is also a significant new aspect of this year’s report. The Open Innovation ecosystems of South Korea, Israel, the Greater Bay Area (Guangdong – Macau – China), Thailand, and Singapore have been synthesized with the participation of partners from each country. Furthermore, 43 maps of open innovation solutions in various sectors have been completed, with the involvement of over 3000 domestic and international startups and businesses. This figure is twice as high as the 2022 report, and notably, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore are the top three foreign countries with the highest number of registered startups.

Mr. Pham Dung Nam, Director of the National Startup Support Centre (NSSC) and also Director of Project 844, states: “The report holds special significance in promoting the sustainable development of Vietnam’s open innovation ecosystem, especially amidst the trends emerging globally. I believe that the Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report 2023 will make a significant impact both domestically and internationally, contributing to a transformative step forward in Vietnam’s innovation.”

From this year’s report analysis, Ms. Nguyen Huong Quynh, CEO of the BambuUP Open Innovation Connection Platform and also the project leader, shares: “2023 has been a challenging year for the global economy in general and the Vietnamese economy in particular. Faced with current unpredictable political and economic fluctuations, many forecasts indicate that 2024 will continue to be a year with numerous challenges. The editorial team believes that organizations and businesses will find valuable information and insights for essential development directions in the Vietnam Open Innovation Ecosystem Report 2023.’

The 2023 report is not only a valuable source of information and data but also evidence of a truly ‘Flat World of Innovation by connecting international Open Innovation ecosystems closely. During the unveiling ceremony, Mr. David Kim, CEO of The Invention Lab (South Korea), announced a program in 2024 to connect founders in Vietnam and South Korea (Founder Meets Founder Program) in collaboration between The Invention Lab and BambuUP, paving the way for ‘dual citizenship’ businesses to develop simultaneously in the two potential markets of Asia. He stated, ‘Founder Meets Founder will be like an acceleration program, connecting leaders, founders, intelligence, and technology in both Vietnam and South Korea, sharing common ideals and goals. Startups formed and grown within the program, through meticulous selection, will have a higher level of cultural understanding and market access capability. Through the program, we enhance the capacity for the innovative solution ecosystems of both countries, enabling businesses and corporations in both South Korea and Vietnam to innovate more quickly, with a higher rate of success.

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