A Cynical Social Commentary on Corporate Greed and Moral Hypocrisy

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Valcara Incorporated series by Michael Karolewski is a gripping blend of paranormal, dark fantasy and corporate satire that explores themes of grief, moral hypocrisy, corporate corruption, and greed. The series is set in a purgatory world called Valcara, where dead people work to earn their way into heaven or risk being sent to hell. The protagonist, Rose Ryder, struggles to cope with the death of her younger sister and finds herself caught up in a dystopian afterlife. She learns that Valcara is not just a place of rest for souls but a complex system where mortal souls are bought and sold like commodities.

The first book, The Soul Sector, starts with Rose entering the afterlife and becoming a part of a Valcaran company where conductors in the mortal matters industry can manipulate mortals and events on Earth to make a buck. In this industry, human souls are bought and sold through a stock market based on morality.

The investing company in Valcara earns money from souls only when they die, and they have a vested interest in helping souls become more moral to receive higher profits. As Rose explores Valcara, she realizes that the Valcarans there seem to lack emotional capacity or the ability to think.

The second book in the series, The Prophet’s Debt, sees Rose balancing her growing concern for a troubled teenage girl with extra-sensory empathic abilities, with her mission to expose interdimensional corporate collusion. The Valcaran elites weren’t happy with Rose’s heroism and now have a debt to collect.

With grief, healing, corporate corruption, moral hypocrisy and greed as its central themes, the book series brings a fresh perspective to the afterlife and leaves readers pondering over the morality of corporate America. A Goodreads review says, “I thoroughly enjoyed the weirdness and randomness of this book showcasing purgatory as the brutal American corporate machinery. Dealing with souls is – in the end – only a matter of business. The captivating writing style pulled me deep into the story, so I completely lost track of time. Multiple times. Very entertaining!”

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About the author

Michael Karolewski grew up in Rhode Island and graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Math and Economics. He worked for a few companies across the tech and insurance industries, performing various analytical and operational management roles.

During that time, he was subject to an acquisition from another company, quit his job to publish his first book, returned to that same tech company, and was laid off earlier this year. Since then, he has been traveling cross-country and staying on the West Coast, exploring new places and meeting new people to fuel his writing aspirations further.

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